Fall Y'all, in the new house!

I spent the summer getting the house in a good place where I felt content with the style, Paul was happy with the budget, and the girls got comfortable with their designated play spaces. The last thing I want to do this Fall is change anything up (which is kind of unusual for me). I have absolutely no desire to go to HomeGoods or Target to buy anything new for the house. My creativity cup for the house is empty and I just have to wait for it to fill back up (hopefully by Christmas time!).

I am however, finding the smallest changes and pieces made a big impact this year….ie: apple printed diapers! An orange throw from a storage bin, a pumpkin here and there, black lanterns, and and some $3 target coffee cups have done the trick. We’ve also been apple picking, made backyard bonfires, the girls painted pumpkins with my mom, and even collected leaves with my grandmother. So there is no shortage of Fall lovin’ over here.

Do y’all decorate for Halloween? Thanksgiving? I typically lump October/November into simple Fall decor and then we buy a Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!