Friday, January 22, 2016

Peaceful Pink

I don't know if it is yoga/acupuncture, eating healthier, or a happier toddler...but my energy is through the roof this week. Hence, here I am blogging! 

Boston's winter is tough.  So far we have dodged the inconvenient feet of snow (not holding my breath) but the cold weather this week has been enough to make my skin hurt and my emotions sour. In order to mentally survive and keep my spirits uplifted, I surround myself with interiors that encourage peace and happiness.  

It doesn't take much...fresh flowers, lots of white, and a touch of Valentine's Day decorations.  Or in the words of my brother Carson...a touch of basic.  

{how basic can I get?? My pink coffee mug makes my morning extra warm}

But this... heart melts on the coldest of days <3 #sappy

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas in our Home, 2015

This year I was lucky enough to have my mom here with me to decorate for Christmas!! We had so much fun going to HomeGoods and Marshalls to find unique ornaments, garland, and candles. (I promise I'm not sponsored by TJX)

Christmas decorating has a fine line between perfectly placed festive decor and red/green clutter.  I love for every little space or corner to have a little Christmas cheer on it but I also try to step back and edit, asking myself "is that pretty or just messy looking?" 

With a toddler in the house, I decided to leave most of the special ornaments in their boxes and replaced them with felt or wooden ornaments.  I also looked specifically for dark red, dark green and cream decorations. Our stockings were my inspiration which were gifts from Paul's mom Sandy!

Below are more shots from around our main floor of the house!
{a few nativity figurines that Roswelle can play with - the three wise men are not pictured}
{last year with Santa}
{I love plaid, and I'm thinking I will buy more of it when Christmas items go on clearance}
{Nothing is more festive than a table ready for a dinner party}

I really wanted a wooden Christmas tree collar this year for under the tree.  There were a few at HomeGoods but I didn't get to the store in time before they were all scooped up! So this year I purchased some Christmas storage boxes that hide the cords and skirt and will be good for ornament storage.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Living Room Update: Fall 2015

I did it. I got rid of the big blue buffet that was our TV stand/toy storage for 3+ years.  As my friend said, it was taking more than it was giving. And what it was taking was space. Living in the city, every inch of our home is important and valuable real estate which should be used strategically. I fought placing the TV over the mantel for years, but alas it just makes too much sense not to have it centered in our living room on wall space.  

I love rearranging; so one day when Roswelle was being quite laid back, I decided to get to it.  Below are the details of the change up (and a few before pictures too!).  

I loved my little gallery above the mantel but it also looks quite nice over my coffee bar.


We've had it set up like this for about a month now, and Paul and I both really love it.  btw...I read that you are supposed to feel your home with only things that mean something to you, and that you really love.  Well....I really love HomeGoods I guess, because my house is furnished with HomeGoods purchases!
{Below, circa 2012 - when I first moved in!}
{Fall 2014}

The cords will be hidden once the TV is actually mounted.  I found this chair on theGoods app and quickly went to the store to purchase. I love how deep it is - I can curl my legs up in it when I have my morning coffee by the window. And it's a great place to read Roswelle books that she selects. It's my new favorite spot.  
This bookcase was my grandmothers. And maybe her mothers before that? It's been with me through high school, my apartment in college, Atlanta, and the Northend...and finally it holds my daughters toys!
{a nice little blend of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays}

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Family Photos: The Humphreys!

A few weeks ago I took pictures of my good friend Tara, her husband Todd, and their sweet son Jett.

Just over a year ago Roswelle and Jett had their first play date and the weekly meet ups began. As a stay at home mom, I was desperate for more adult connection and to meet a mom that was available during the day too. A prayer was answered when I connected with Tara who had a young baby just 1 month older than Roswelle and lived only a few streets over (key during the winter of 2015)!! Whether it's a walk to our neighborhood parks, museum trips, baby-free breakfasts at McKenna's, or simply watching Ellen while the babies play in the living room, I'm so thankful for their friendship!

She asked me to take their pictures in our local park just around the corner. I was so thankful she trusted me to get at least a few decent pictures! I'm wayyyyyy more comfortable taking pictures of still, life-less things around my home, so this was challenging for me to say the least and I have even more respect for my photographer friends! Todd, Tara, and Jett made it easier being such a fun, loving family. <3

Monday, November 2, 2015

Kitchen Cabinets Update

Now that I'm home more with less travel, I've been busy making changes.  I love changing things up in the house, probably because I know I can just change it back if I'm not happy with the result. There is no need to be afraid to repaint, rearrange, re-hang can always have a professional come fix it.  

Painting our kitchen cabinets was the first home project I did after we were married. I was impulsive and excited. After 3 or so years, I was not happy with the paint color anymore. I had been hinting to Paul that I wanted to repaint them and would only receive a groan in response. One night I went into the basement, found a white we already had (Benjamin Moore Acadia White, which we used in Roswelle's nursery) and got the courage to get started.  

I'm really happy with the way it turned out on the top and I'm currently repainting the lower cabinets. Because the base colors are two different colors, I think I will need 3 coats to get the cabinets to match.  I cleaned the cabinets and just got started, since I'm painting over paint, I didn't feel the need to sand them down to the bone this time.  

See below for the progression of the kitchen and some future projects that are being planned! Thank goodness Paul allows me to be creative and try, try again.

{please excuse the quality of the picture above, I was too lazy to get my wide angle lens, I'll take better pictures once I'm completely done!}


{the bachelor kitchen...}

Another before and after of the kitchen with the slight color change to Acadia white. (wall color is BM Tyler Gray)

Over the next two weeks we are going to be adding shiplap to the kitchen.  I guess is Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper says it enough, people will start catchin' on, including me!