Friday, August 28, 2015

Favorite Things Friday


My favorite personal thing this week is just being back in Dawsonville, GA. Roswelle and I flew down for a very quick trip to celebrate my soon-to-be-sister-in-law at her wedding shower this weekend. My mom had my favorite Chalk Full of Love coffee mug waiting for me which was such a nice surprise! Yesterday I was blogging at our kitchen table, with Roswelle being fed breakfast by her grandmother and great-grandmother and I had to snap the moment. It was a very good morning. 


Spongeware may make you think of your grandmother's house but it is making a strong comeback. Tory Burch and Pottery Barn have both recently released a line of the spackled blue pattern pottery. So I was excited to find a set (pictured below) at our local little consignment shop, the Blue Barn. Now I need to figure out a way to make them fit in my checked bag back to Boston....


I spotted this simple idea at Star Provisions during lunch on Wednesday and I'll be bringing the idea home.  Slice a lemon in half, add to fresh or sparkling water, close the cap, and let nature do the rest. You could stock your refrigerator ahead of time for a busy weekend or use this idea at an upcoming shower!


Tonight we are all going to Carson's first home high school football game of the season! We will be in our Dawson County Maroon + Gold as we cheer on the tigers - including Roswelle! I've been searching for a maroon bow over the past few days with no luck finding the right one.  So after a trip to Michael's craft store, I made my first boutique bow! I watched this video over and over again until I got it right - she goes really slow and is extremely detailed in her instructions.  I finally got it right and it is going to match her home-made jersey perfectly :) I'm sure you'll see live updates tonight on Instagram.  Go Tigers and good luck Carson!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out & About: Revelator Coffee Company (in Atlanta!)

Y'all!! Yesterday, Roswelle, Mom, and I visited the Westside Provisions District in Atlanta and it is just the coolest! We had lunch at Star Provisions and at our table sat the owner's wife of Revelator, the new coffee shop across the street. I walked into the sleek yet unassuming, industrial building and was greeted with bright whites, clean lines and well thought out details. My heart went giddy and my camera came out.

Last night, I visited their website and learned a little more about the 5 city shop (Nashville, coming soon!). 

"With an emphasis on quality, we provide the South with an enjoyable, approachable coffee experience. From seed to cup, our focus remains on the details. Guided by integrity and pride, we are happy to share our passion with you." 

I'd say they hit the mark. I'm already trying to plan a trip back to the area - so many shops and places to eat - and of course my new favorite coffee shop. I think I could run the entire blog of feature posts from the renovated industrial area. I hope you enjoyed this Southern edition of Out & About as much as I did.
{I mean everything, everything about this seating area is perfection

{I love the personal, all Louisville stoneware by the Kentucky-based pottery studio}
{the prettiest espresso machine I ever did see, "the Slayer"}
{I'm having serious regrets I didn't buy some coffee to bring home, I was too busy trying to capture it all}
{OK, can I move in?}

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Minted @ Home

It all started with the Caitlin Wilson Design grey spotted pillow which my budget just can't afford at the moment.  I don't have anything spotted in the house and I think it's the perfect understated, neutral print for the benches in the kitchen. My sister-in-law Jenny told me about the Minted Home line a couple weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at all of the options - including spots (which you can actually filter on ). Much like the stationary and art, Minted provides fabric options from a community of independent artists.  Curtains and pillows are now available with table linens and lampshades coming soon! 

Below are the 4 spotted options I currently love at the moment - plus a few other items that quickly caught my eye this morning.

 Fabric can also be purchased by the yard - I would love to use these three prints in my living room or bedroom!!

 {this water-color herringbone print is on point}
{I will forever love this print in pale blue}

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Arbonne to the Rescue

I'm so excited to share my first semi-sponsored post! A very sweet reader, Marcela, sent me samples of a Arbonne skin products as she knows I love all natural, nontoxic ingredients. I saved the samples for the end of my vacation, when I knew my skin would need the most moisturizing nutrients and I am so happy I waited. It felt great to give my skin some extra love with ingredients like sea kelp extract and papaya enzymes. If you are in the market for safe, all natural, spa-like skin care I highly recommend checking out their wide variety of products - including a baby-care line and make-up!

You can reach out to Marcela directly

I used the SeaSource Detox Spa gelle on my summer skin - specifically on my chest and shoulders, which tend to get the most sun.

I typically just use dove soap and a basic moisturizer for my face. It felt really responsible, healthy, and even grown-up using all of these anti-aging products for my night time routine. 

{my favorite item, and their bestseller, was the Cellular Renewal Masque.  Clear and thick, my skin felt like satin afterwards.}

Monday, August 24, 2015

Surfin' USA

I spent the past weekend in Newport, RI with some of my best girlfriends to celebrate my old Boston roommate, Marcia! She is getting married in Puerto Rico in just two months!! As she is quite the adventurous little lady, we took surfing lessons as a group on the main beach in Newport.  It was amazing! I am all about the indulgent brunches and lively dinners on bachelorette parties but an active outing was so good for all of us (especially those that had a little too much tequila the night before).  The salt water and fresh air was healing to say the least :) 

If you are in the area check out Island Sports surf shop for some great lessons! 

{our Puerto Rican Princess ;*}

Friday, August 21, 2015

Favorite Things Friday

I don't say this often, but I am soooo sad this week is over. We had the best time as a family, eating so many meals together, exploring outside together, and even taking a family nap! Roswelle was such a happy baby this week and I'm sure it has everything to do with us all being together. 

I'm leaving Paul and Roswelle today for a girl's weekend in Newport, RI. While it is always tough for me to leave (and I usually get super cranky right before it's time to go), I know as soon as get on the ferry by myself, my shoulders will relax and I will be thankful for the space.

Sorry for the unoriginal pictures this week, vacation-mode has made it a struggle to get this favorite Friday post together!


Some of my favorite movies have nothing to do with the storyline or the characters, but everything to do with the set.  I love to study the style, the prop placement, and try to understand what makes the setting appealing to me as a consumer. This is precisely why I'm so excited about the new Nancy Meyers movie the Intern. The plot line and actors are super predictable, but I can not wait to study the background. Traditional Home wrote a piece on the movie, focusing on the beautiful set designs, including the amazing kitchen pictured above. Erin Gates also wrote a great post on Nancy Meyer's set decoration on her blog Elements of Style this week.  


I'm kinda late in the game, but I'm jumping on the spiralizer band-wagon. Zucchini and Squash pasta is all the rage and tastes amazing. You can also make onion rings if that's your thing :) I miss pasta in my life and I'm excited to give this a shot, and eventually share recipes with y'all! Pictured is the version Williams Sonoma sells, but there are many credible and cheaper options on Amazon - just read the reviews!


Roswelle Gray is 17 months old today!! I took this picture this morning while she had her morning banana.  I'll write a bigger post on her life next month, but she is so happy and fun at this age! She has experienced a few moments of intense anger but they are short, and they have yet to takeover her control-board (reference to the brilliant move Inside Out). I'm so thankful I get to experience life with her and I thank God every night for sending her to me :) p.s we love Hanna Andersson PJs!


My phone died this week - like kaput - like will never turn on again (dang fresh water pond). The first few hours of accepting that I will not have a phone until next week were slightly anxiety ridden but then I gained some perspective and I'm starting to enjoy being phone free. I plan to actually read a good chunk of my book on the ferry ride back to Boston, and even get out pen and paper for a good blogpost brainstorming session. So I apologize in advance for not liking your Instagram photo or replying to a text!