Friday, November 18, 2016

Favorite Things

This is a longer-winded Favorite Things post than usual. I figure it's warranted since I haven't written in a while. Have a great weekend, y'all!

1. CROCKSGIVING! (<<click for link) We host a neighborhood bible study every week and I wanted to do something special for Thanksgiving without actually spending the entire day cooking. I googled crockpot and thanksgiving, and wouldn't you know it, Buzzfeed had already figured it out for me! I followed the recipe instructions exactly, however, I replaced the flour, bread, and butter with GF/DF alternatives. I also used sweet potato chips instead of fried onions. And finally, made fresh cranberry sauce which was surprisingly simple and wonderful addition. This is a great alternative for spending hours in the kitchen. It was a hit! 

2. PERSON CARE: While at home in Georgia earlier in the month, I went to my friend and stylist Ashley at J.Thomas Salon. I wanted a refresher but loved the color of my naturally grown in roots at the moment. She only highlighted my ends, absolutely no foils on the crown of my head. The result was exactly what I had been looking for, a slightly brighter change.

3. FBF: A sweet memory from our week at my Mom's house in GA. They love her so much! 

4. A HEALTHY HABIT: I spend most of my days refilling sippy-cups and emptying half-full, forgotten coffee mugs. So when I can, I pull out a stemmed glass and poor myself a sparkling water with a fresh lemon garnish. So simple, but it makes me feel more adult and pulled together amid the most chaotic of days.
5. SHARE GRATITUDE:  As Thanksgiving approaches, I encourage you to write one hand-written note before Thursday - maybe even to your host? This is one we received from a friend and it was such a sweet sentiment.
6: SO LONG, SUPER MOON: You were beautiful yes, but you had me and Roswelle feeling all sorts of emotions!! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Lifestyle Portrait: The Alves Family!

Introducing a wonderfully sweet family, the Alves'! Paul met Mike and his daughter Vivian (Vivi for short) at our neighborhood playground and we have enjoyed getting to know them more and more over the past couple of years. 

The word that comes to mind when I think of them, as a family, is grateful. Mike and Vanessa are grateful for each other and their marriage, and they are especially grateful for their sweet little girl, Vivi. Feelings always show through on the camera, and it was especially true on this sunny, autumn Sunday in Boston.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, 2016!

Happy Halloween!! Yesterday, we spent the afternoon attending our neighborhood (Savin Hill) parade. Our family joined us and we met up with neighbor friends and their littles. It was exciting and exhausting for everyone! I love seeing all of the creative costumes the parents and kids come up with, all the work that went into planning, and finally whether or not the child will actually allow execution on the big day. Roswelle is a Mommy-Puppy, as her two favorite things are babies and puppies. She carried her "litter" (as Paul referred to it) around with pride. However, she would NOT let me paint her nose! :(

The best part of Halloween this year, for Roswelle, is the trick-or-treating. She really got into the process and protected her loot all the way to Atlanta that night (I was shocked she let me put in on the security belt at the airport). Late last night, at Mia's house, after we had changed her and read a few books, she could barely keep her eyes open but she hazily requested that her bag of puppies and candy came into the crib with her, and I of course said yes. Little does she know, she gets to do it all over again tonight! 

Below are pictures from yesterday's parade:

Friday, October 28, 2016

Favorite Things

It's officially Fall up in New England, with temperatures dipping into the 30s at night and staying in the 40s during the day (let's ignore the fact that it snowed in parts of Massachusetts yesterday shall we?). Instead of thinking about the impending Winter season, I'm fully embracing Fall and all its glory with warm meals at the end of the day, dressing in sweaters & boots, and all the pumpkin/apple flavored anything I can get my hands on (GF/DF obvi).

Below are reflections of the season in my life this week:

{Lemon + Cinnamon has become my new favorite scent combo - it's fresh and cozy}
{The large oak tree behind our townhouse is finally turning - it is the most vibrant yellow in the end}
{giving Roswelle just the right amount of Halloween flair - I'll be posting her costume on Monday}
{y'all, make this Maple + Sea Salt Popcorn TONIGHT. It'}