Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3rd Holiday

No Favorite Things Friday post today.  Paul is off work for the July 4th Holiday and we are headed to the BeachComber in Wellfleet, MA for the day with friends (one town over from Truro).  The girls, Roswelle & Madelyn, will be staying with Paul's parents for the day.  Tomorrow we will all be together on Longnook beach for the 4th.  The best news about this weekend is that it will actually be hot this weekend on the Cape!  Happy 4th y'all.  Hope everyone is safe and happy this weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Live from Happy Camper!

Good Morning! Roswelle, Paul, and I made it to the Cape late last night for the Holiday weekend. We woke up early this morning and headed straight to Provincetown to our new favorite coffee/donut/ice cream shop, Happy Camper, which opened up just a few weeks ago.  When we first walked in I knew it was something special and worth sharing.  The owners, Loic and Rob also own our favorite dinner spot, The Canteen (which happens to be right next door).  

Happy Camper prides itself in serving Stumptown brewed coffee, fresh, daily made donuts, and home-made ice cream and popsicles.  Some of their donut flavors:  Boozy Boston Cream, Raspberry Hibiscus, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon, and Blueberry Crumble to name a few.  I love their retro, happy, hipster vibe.  It is our favorite!! 

I took pictures this very morning to share with you. This blog is coming live from Happy Camper! Have a great Thursday. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paleo Lemon Bars

While trying to decide what festive item to bake for the 4th of July, I googled paleo lemon bars only half expecting to find something worthwhile.  However much to my surprise, I found a recipe that looked very promising on  The author/blogger/chef, Taylor, does a wonderful job of making simple recipes with few ingredients.  I felt really good about this one, and my instincts were right.

You can read all about her struggle to create a delicious paleo lemon bar (she attempted 12 times! #dedication) and finally the perfected recipe, here.

{I left the powdered sugar off half of the squares for Paul :)}

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Dual-Purpose Centerpiece

{a table setting for 6 - your kids have everything to help set the table}

A centerpiece can be anything you want it to be; by definition it is a decorative piece or display in the middle of a dining or serving table. Living in the city with a toddler means we have little space for storage or display, causing me to get creative. I recently had to move our stemmed wine glasses from the wine buffet (/tvconsole/toyholder) in our living room to get them out of reach from curious little hands. I wanted to keep them out because I do use them often - everything tastes better in a stemmed glass, even pelligrino - but I had few options in our kitchen. I stuck them on a tray on our kitchen table and left them there until I could find a better place. Well, it's been 2 months and they are still there, and I have actually grown to love it!

It got me thinking, designing a centerpiece on your kitchen table can have dual purpose: storage and style! I came up with 4 other displays of items that you would otherwise have to store in a cabinet or on a shelf.  I hope you feel inspired!

{this is what our kitchen table looks like now, looks like I'm always ready to celebrate!}
{pull those pretty bottle stoppers out of a drawer and display them instead}
{a summer refresher tray, you can literally pick up and take straight to your back patio}
{maybe you are a newlywed with tons of pretty serving items...if you have them out, you'll probably use them more}
{and finally, to show it really can be anything, I gathered up a few of my new favorite things without specific homes and made it a "collection" (date is totally wrong - I may just be a little excited about my upcoming birthday)
p.s. I'm in LOVE with this clock! I spotted it in my mom's storage closet this past week and asked her if I could have it for my house.  It was a wedding gift from one of my dad's best-friends.  I love that it has sentimental value and completely goes with my style!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Many Faces of Teething

The many phases faces of teething.  Maybe it's because once a parent gets through 1st year molars they are too exhausted to talk about it.  Or maybe it's because it really wasn't that painful for your toddler.  Or maybe it's because I told myself the lie that teething can't be that bad.  But I never realized how baddd it can be!  Your sweet, giggly, little angel will be running around waving her favorite toy in the air only to stop suddenly and let out the most heart breaking wail. An eyes shut, mouth open, muscles tense cry.  It breaks your heart!  

In an effort to log this for my own memory, this was our experience: Roswelle ran fever (low and high) all last week.  She would go from happy to sad to content to devastated in 20 minute cycles.  I tried my best to distract her from the pain factory behind her pouty little lips, but it didn't help and honestly just wore us both out.  In the future, when teething symptoms start to show, I'll be rescheduling all plans (if I have the option).  Speaking of schedules, Roswelle's went out the window this past week.  I gave her a bottle when she seemed thirsty, she napped when she seemed tired, and she woke up in the middle of the night. 

What is actually amazing is those tears and long days actually do produce something.  She has four teeth up top and I can see the white of her molars peeking through in the back! I get oddly excited to see the progress.  I cheer her (and myself) on..."we're almost there!!" 

Pictures of her (our) week of teething are below:

Normally her mouth is wide open! This week it was clamped shut.
Look at those swollen lips!! :(
Like I said earlier, I tried to distract her later in the week with a fun lunch date...
I attempted a play-date with my high school best friend's baby...she was not amused.
These two pictures were taken in sequence - seconds apart! I was just excited to see a quick laugh!
Roswelle, show me how you really feel.
And finally, on our last night we took her for a 30 minute ride on the boat...she didn't cry which was progress! 

Being at home with my family this week helped so much.
 And I think they enjoyed the extra cuddling she allowed.