Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The French-Café Bistro Chair

Traditional Dining Room by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Studio William Hefner

I've been spotting these french bistro chairs on a few sites and in some interior magazines and I really love them! They add and interesting texture and a simple pattern to any space. I have found them a little difficult to find but they are out there!  World Market (Bostonians we are getting a location in Natick soooon!!!), Overstock, and Wayfair all have fairly affordable options, includes pair prices. I've included some of my favorite finds below.

{I first spotted them in Bethenny Frankel's Hampton house - love the pop of color! Although, I could have done without the rest of the skinny girl red in the kitchen - we get it - you have a brand}

Overstock Options (click image for link):
World Market Options (click image for link):
Wayfair Options (click image for link):

If you are like me and your budget has no room for any more chairs (or your space for that matter) you can always buy a $15 etsy print and hang it above your table ;) 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Trader Joe's run

{snacks for Roswelle} 

In our house, Trader Joe's is a one stop shop for our groceries. The price point for the freshness and quality is jusssst right. I love the old faithfuls they offer but get equally excited when I see a new item they are promoting - especially in the Fall!  They have seasonal vegetables, like Heirloom tomatoes and spaghetti squash. And back when I drank, their beer and wine selection is hands down the best.   Now nothing in life is perfect, and I have read reports that you have to be careful with their packaged items containing GMO's etc...just read before you eat!  

Also, I will always suggest buying meat from your local farmer's market and finding/buying organic everything whenever you can (they don't always have it) - and I have a feeling Trader Joe's would suggest the same! 

Below are some snapshot from a big grocery run last week.  I wasn't planning to make anything special or new, I was in and out of the small shop getting our go-to items and got enough food for 3 home-made dinners. Not pictured is the Trader Joe's Wake-up blend coffee and 70% dark chocolate which I have every day.  

{Roswelle's lunch items}
{my lunch items - cucumber is a great cracker replacement}
{roswelle's dinner}
{our easiest go-to dinner: a baked grill-pack (season with avocado oil + S&P), steamed broccoli, and rice}
{ingredients for a filling salad - see recipe here}
{almost the same ingredients but replace the kale with rice for our fajita bowl - see recipe here}
{one of my favorite fall meals, spaghetti squash and meat sauce}
{our breakfast - trader joe's has great eggs in our area!}
{some random favorites - their popcorn is a fav for hosting and these bars are great for R on the go!}

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wedding Week: Family Edition

Today Roswelle and I are flying back down to GA to get elbow deep in wedding week (Paul and the rest of his family are flying down Wednesday!!).  On Saturday, my brother Trey is marrying his one true love, Anna!! It makes my heart so happy to see our family grow and gain such a beautiful person, inside and out. 

Their wedding shower was two weeks ago, which was a family affair in itself.  Everyone pitched in with food, table cloths, serving pitchers, and of course my mom and I couldn't help but put together some flower arrangements :) I took a few pictures of the sweet day, and looking through them last night made me even more excited to watch them say "I do!" in Murphy, NC.

{their baby, Maple}
{an another sweet baby, Lainey}

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I'm back from a much needed break from blogging. It wasn't scheduled, I just needed a break to catch my breath, even from the good things in life! 

Summer came to an end for us yesterday on Labor Day 2015. After their first nap, we loaded up the cars and coolers and headed for a few hours in the sun and sand. I will miss the hot sun on my skin and Roswelle being barefoot most of the day but I'm also excited for the crisp Fall air that is headed our way. We are making it a tradition to spend Labor Day Weekend at the cottage and I have a feeling we'll be taking the same pictures each year, you can see similar pictures from last year here.

Have a great Tuesday, hope traffic is light and your coffee is strong!