Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inspired by Runkeeper

Runkeeper practices what it preaches: "Everyone. Every Run." In preparation to launch their new brand, my good friend Erin (Director of Marketing there - yeah, she's big time) reached out to facebook for volunteers for some running photos (and Paul volunteered me...!).  She wasn't looking for models posing as runners, but instead real people to represent Runkeeper's brand in an effort to be accessible rather than aspirational.  I totally see her in their new message of being approachable, supportive, and real - because that's the kind of friend she is! Basically she made this all happen and I'm so proud of her and excited for Runkeeper! 

As a real runner, I personally love it because it is a healthy way to compete with myself, it is always available, and it clears my head (...after the first 10 minutes of thinking how much I hate running - let's be honest). And I love the Runkeeper app because it kinda does it all!  It knows to pause when you are at a traffic light, it tracks exercises other than running like spinning and hiking, and it encourages you to be social by tagging your friends so they can like your workouts (I personally love knowing my friends ran while I was binge-watching netflix - ha!). And my personal favorite, you can control the audio cues. Is it one of those days you need to know when you've made it a quarter of a mile? There's an option for that! ;)

Anyways, I was very excited when they chose some of my pictures so I just had to share! You can download the app here and if you do, send me a friend request!

{don't you love their new logo? The shoelace is fun and the colors are energetic}

I met Mikhail for some shots for Runkeeper in the middle of the week.  Roswelle was actually in the BoB watching him take the pictures!  It was a very casual shoot along Carson Beach in South Boston after a long day.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kitchen Banquette Design Board

I have not worked on a house project since Roswelle was born - I think it's time! I was planning to wait until Fall but I quickly became impatient.  My mom arrives later this morning (Hallelujah!!) and Paul's mom generously let me borrow her SUV for the week.  What does that mean?  A baby-free trip to Ikea to find pieces for a Kitchen banquette!

I started out just looking for a bench that might fit as a banquette (because I just don't have the bandwidth for a real DIY). Then I kept finding pieces that could possibly work for the entire space. However, like anything in design, I'll make a final decision once the items are together and in the actual space. I really want this to work, but I really want it to be right as well.  The bench may not be long enough for corner, the table may be the wrong dimensions, the chairs may not all fit under the table...but I have to try and I want to get started now!  Ikea actually does have a great return policy, so I have time to spend the hours to build the furniture (I really do enjoy that) and feel it out.  

Below are the links and sources:

>> Liatorp Bench: This is intended to be a TV stand, but like anything in Ikea, it can be repurposed (I hope...!).  I plan to replace the knobs and I think the white version will brighten up our kitchen corner.

>> Nandor Rope Chair: This is a great (and much cheaper) option for a rope chair, which have suddenly become popular in the design world.

>> Stockholm Wooden Chair: I love this chair! If it isn't a fit for the kitchen table, I think it will have a home in our guest bedroom.

>> JR Chair 3 (how cute?!): I love this as a transition chair for Roswelle! The seat height is just a little higher than a regular chair and I can fasten her in until she is sturdy while sitting (this chair is not as tall as it appears).

>> Table: I love the thin trestle, especially since the space in our kitchen is small.  I plan to paint them gold - obviously! ;) I'm not 100% sold on the table top, I think I would prefer to make a more rustic version, and based on what I am reading, it actually wouldn't be that hard.  This could be a future post.

>> Caitlin Wilson Pillow Shams I absolutely love everything (pillows, rugs, furniture, fabric) made by Caitlin Wilson! I actually have this mint pillow and I have used it all over my house.  I love that all of her fabrics coordinate without obviously matching.

>> Glitter Guide Rug: LuLu and Georgia launched the sale of Glitter Guide's Elodie Rug and it was love at first sight for me! The designers wanted the rug to be "fun, versatile, and pretty (without being overly feminine)" which matches perfectly with my style.  However, I'm worried that the 5x8 size will be to snug in our small space.

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Balanced Monday Morning

For Monday morning posts, I usually spend Sunday night going through pictures from the weekend, selecting the photos that are "blog worthy" and then spend the next 45 minutes to an hour editing/enhancing them and then writing the post. That did not happen last night.  Paul and I were in bed by 8:30pm because I was just wiped and he had to be up really early this morning.

I'm finding that balance is one of the most important things in life. Too little, too much, too extreme, too tame, just isn't a way to live. And this can be applied to all arenas of life: Faith, Health, Family, Friends, all needs a healthy balance.  In this blog I like to show you pretty pictures that have wonderful lighting, appealing arrangements and inspire you to try something new in your own life.  But those pictures aren't always real life! At least not for me. More days than not, I go makeup-free, my hair is in a bun, and Roswelle is in food stained pjs (or just a diaper).  Especially when we are in the country setting of North Truro.

So in an effort to keep things balanced here on the blog, I'm sharing a few pictures that are not staged or edited.  This morning when Roswelle woke up, I changed her diaper, put on a sports bra, tossed her in her stroller, and we set off to get a coffee and some bananas for breakfast at the local market a half mile down the road.  It was a quiet, slightly humid, and casual morning which is what we both seem to prefer.

{this picture is not from this morning but it's a good one of them one afternoon in the yard!}

Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Things Friday


I picked myself up a new spiral notebook this past weekend and it makes me inexplicably happy.  I will forever be a pen and paper list maker, much to Paul’s disliking.  He is always suggesting for me to send myself an email or make a list on my iPhone but the last thing I want to do is create another reason to look at my phone.  Plus, I find something so satisfying about writing out the items I need to remember or accomplish and then going back and crossing through them. Are you a list maker? My mom is NOT, so I must have inherited the love for it from my Dad. I picked up this gold, flamingo inspired notebook at Target, but I also saw these adorable ones on! 


Speaking of Target, Nate Berkus released a stylish office line just in time for back to school (if only had a home office to furnish!).  Gold Stapler, extra-large gold paper clips, Mint and Gold hanging files - it’s all just fabulous. I’ll definitely be buying myself the large, gold pair of scissors for my craft box.


Speaking of fabulous, Rosè is the way to celebrate as of late! Have y’all tried this “Brangelina” Miraval Rosè?  The famous couple, Angelina and Brad Pitt, bought a French winery in 2012 and teamed up with winemaker Marc Perrin to bring a new, well-received sparkling wine to the table.  I love the fatter bottle – it is sure to add some diversity to your liquor cabinet. 


I was on the other night updating our diaper order and noticed their 4-in-1 organic cotton baby carrier.  Stylish, versatile, and organic!! (I'm laughing at myself, but kinda serious...) 

I personally love the pink option but would most likely buy the gray to keep things neutral.  If you are in the market for a clip-and-go carrier, I would recommend this one as the baby can face so many directions which is important as they get older. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Version of Shake'nBake Chicken

Last night, I made my own version of "shake'nbake" chicken for dinner.  It's super easy to make, bake, and cleanup --> winner, winner, chicken dinner!! Doing my own shake'nbake allows me to use all wholesome, organic, fresh ingredients ('cuz you know this won't fly in our house). The idea is simple: pound, season, and bread your chicken all in one bag and then move chicken to the cooking surface.  Last night, I fried one piece on the stove-top and baked the other in the oven, just to see which I like better.  Personally, I lovedddd the fried version! It fell apart just a smidge but it was packed with so much flavor and did not dry out.  

The full recipe and instructions are at the bottom of the post.  Let me know if you try it!

{While I was making dinner, she was eating hers! she still won't touch chicken}
{the very home-made, fried version - don't judge by the looks of it, it was so good}
{These are currently on my kitchen island and I just love them}


1 Large Ziplock Bag
2 Chicken Breast
1 Lemon
1 tbsp of Avocado Oil 
1 cup Almond Flour
Dash of Salt & Pepper

If baking:
Turn oven to 350 degrees.  Place chicken breast into bag and close.  Pound chicken using flat side of tool.  Add lemon juice from 1 lemon and avocado oil.  Close bag and shake so that chicken is evenly covered.  Add almond flour and salt & pepper. Close bag and shake so that chicken is evenly covered.  Take chicken out of bag and place directly onto baking dish.  Add a slice of lemon on top of chicken for garnish.

If frying:
Pour 1-2 tablespoons of avocado oil to large frying pan.  Add chicken and cover, leaving a small opening from lid.  Carefully flip chicken every 3-4 minutes until chicken is well cooked (12-14 minutes).

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY: Repurpose Your Vases for Organization

I want so bad to be that organized person that puts everything back in the same place, and for everything actually to have a place.  I always know where an item may be, however its usually in 1 of 4+ places. For instance this past weekend, I literally had 6 bags for Roswelle and I, and there was no method to the madness.  Diapers were in 3 different bags, my jewelry bag was in Roswelle's diaper bag, the pack'nplay crib sheets were in the bag with the speaker, the "in case of emergency" thermometer was lost in the bottom of my purse?'s all there, it's just a disaster. My mother-in-law was in the back of our car this weekend and exclaimed "oh Lauren here is an earring!" ... so typical of me!

SO, in an effort to be the person I want to be, I plan to organize small spaces, starting with my bathroom cabinet. I can't believe I'm sharing photos of underneath our bathroom sink!! Anyways, I love reusing candle vases and flower vases and I thought underneath my cabinet would be a good place for them.  They come in all shapes and sizes, as do my toiletries.  

It only took about 20/25 minutes to clean everything out and put it all back together in a prettier, more organized fashion.  Roswelle actually had a lot of fun helping me! She loves taking things out and putting them back in, over and over. I doubt my cabinet will stay like this for more than 48hrs, but here's to hoping! My purse will just forever be a lost cause...

{as soon as a candle is used up, it goes straight to the freezer for a future use}
{run through the dishwasher or under some really hot water to get rid of the wax}
{the awful before}
{helpful little hands}
{I was having trouble storing my large DIY rope vase, so it became a storage place itself!}
{a jar for all those samples}