Friday, April 29, 2016

Salad of Summer'16

Over the past few years I have blogged about some of my favorite "go-to" salads which can be seen herehere and here.  Although this one really isn't that different, it is THE salad of summer 2016 in our house. We ate this every day for lunch while we were in Destin. (...Paul added bacon and even a fried egg every now and then...)

The two ingredients that give this salad a refreshing twist is the seed blend and shrimp!  I started adding the Trader Joe's seed blend in Roswelle's greek yogurt and one day poured some into my salad - adding a healthy texture.  Secondly, shrimp.  I always forget about frozen shrimp! It doesn't take long to thaw under cold water and cooks in minutes. I buy local whenever possible - read the details on the labels y'all. 

Finally - the secret weapon to any good salad is how well the ingredients are mixed.  I usually add the avocado, goat cheese, seeds, dressing, pepper, etc right into the salad container.  I close and shake shake shake shake shake shake, which results in a perfect bite every time.

This was a long post about a very simple salad. :) Detailed ingredients are below. Hope you give it a try! 

{I can never get enough fresh lemon juice in my recipes}

{I think I could drink white vinegar straight from the bottle - love it}
{my favorite seed blend that has become a staple on our grocery list}


arugula or a 50/50 kale and arugula blend
avocado (2)
lemon juice (2)
goat cheese (1/4 cup)
olive oil (to taste)
white vinegar (to taste)
ground pepper
shrimp! (optional)

**when I buy arugula in a bag, I shake everything together in a large tupperware container with a sturdy lid.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Night in Seaside

We were shoveling snow 2 weeks ago in Boston but now my little family is finally enjoy some hot (an important factor) sun and sand in Destin, FL.  This is our second year taking a break from the New England "spring" and I believe it will be a necessary tradition to warm up my southern bones (you can see last year's trip here)!! I do love Boston though, and I'll be happy to be back come May. ;)

We went to Seaside for dinner and let Roswelle run around as much as she pleased in the little village.  It was a perfect night of easy sunlight, no waiting in lines, and lots of really good food!!
{I don't know why or how we can get her to keep her sunglasses on, but she does, and it's amazing.}
{that belly}
{I want this in my master bath one day}
{the best part of Seaside is the pavilion full of toddlers!}

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Roswelle turns TWO!

This past Saturday we had a small tea party for miss Roswelle Gray as she turned TWO on March 21st.  The sun was shining bright although it was a chilly day with a high of 41.  It actually snowed on her birthday the following Monday - there is a good chance that will happen every year up here in Boston!

Roswelle and her cousin Maddie have their dad's old play table and chairs which are the perfect size for a toddler tea. I pulled both tables together covered them with drawing paper, sprinkled them with stickers, crayons, and personal sippy cups - the table was set.

Below are a lot of detail shots...I'm already looking forward to reading this post with Roswelle in years to come. We love you SO much RoRo!
{this was sooooo much fun to took a lot of flowers but I'm still enjoying it! ...the fact that my mom is a florist is a treasure}

{party trick:anything that isn't necessary or helpful for the party, i remove from the space.  My bedroom was covered with household items during the party but I didn't have to think about special items being broken or getting in the way}
{The picture above was a quick shot I snapped that will now be a keepsake photo.}
{Sandy (or GiGi) made delicious egg+bacon biscuits and 4 egg frittatas}

{probably discussing what flavor the cake will be}
{still wondering about that cake...}
A tidy set!! we were both equally excited about this gift! :P

Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet Titan Pace Radney

Paul and I met Danelle and Gordon 5 years ago in a neighborhood bible group.  A lot has changed since then, they moved to D.C. and we both now have babies of our own! I was so happy to meet little Titan last weekend while they were visiting Boston, and even happier to take pictures for them. Roswelle's room gets wonderful light during the day so we cleared out a few toys and captured a few special moments. He did exceptionally well, being an alert 9wk old!