Master Bedroom Refresh

Last Fall, we cleaned out our attic and found two rattan side tables in the back corner (I think they were an ex-girlfriend's of Paul's!) - regardless, rattan is having a major trend moment and I thought they would be a refreshing change in our bedroom. Unfortunately, our master bed was not complimenting the newly repurposed side tables. This created the desire to change our bed, it was actually one of the very last pieces of Paul's "bachelor" furniture in our house (pictured below)...and he even commented that he was surprised it took me this long to replace it.

I spent a while looking at different styles of headboards and while I was searching we had our mattress on the floor. We both loved the low to the floor feeling and decided that to filter my search for the lower style bedx. Also influencing my search was my love for everything Emily Henderson does lately with her bohemian/modern style. I searched on all sorts of discount websites - Joss&Main/Wayfair/Target/Ikea. I even shopped on google - does anyone else do that? Somehow, my search led me to this bed - the Tov Furniture Nixon in Beige Linen on Home Decco. With the low price and free shipping, I took the risk of ordering a bed online, keeping my fingers crossed that it would be "the one" which thankfully, it was!!

The three black frames are from Ikea. I had a hard time deciding what to put in them and decided for the time being, to frame the most simple understated pieces I could think of - super light watercolor paintings by yours truly. I'm not in love with them but I also don't hate them. The idea was to use hints of colors from the room, creating a cohesive set that could most importantly also stand alone on their own. I recently read to never buy tri-art, where the 3 pieces make up one large picture. I would love to buy water color prints from Minted in the future, but for now the budget allowed a Hobby Lobby craft :)

I styled the rest of the room with extra blankets, hats, baskets, plants, and flowers. When in doubt of how to style a bedroom, baskets and blankets are always a good idea and don't look forced. I kept personal items to a minimum, although multiple books, water bottles, lotions, vitamin bottles, etc always seem to make their way to our night stands...

Here are the bedding details - just click the items for the links! (purchase a lot of my bedding on Amazon on sale - I love white but let's be honest it doesn't stay white for long..toddlers, sweat, spills) >> Sheets / Blanket / Duvet / Euro Shams / Similar Quilt 

Roswelle thought I needed more stuffed animal flare on the bed :) 

And lastly.....this side of bedroom needs some SERIOUS help. Ugh - I didn't even want to put up this picture, but it is what it is.... for now....

Here is what I'm planning for this images for links! I'll post it when it comes into fruition!