Family Photography: The Flemings

Meet the Flemings! I have known Meredith since we were sophomore's in college (which was 12 years ago! ahh!) We've seen each other through a lot: the craziness that college entails, first jobs, boyfriends and then husbands, and now babies. Our most common platform of communication these days is using filters on snapchat and sending videos to each other late at night when we've lost any sanity we previously had that day. We've obviously grown into women, wives, and mothers - but when we get together it's fun to slip right back into our roles of silly girlfriends.

While I was in GA last month, I got to visit her new home in Newnan, GA, get a glimpse into life with 2 boys, and take some pictures of her sweet family. It had been raining all day but the sun came through at just the right moment.