Fall Y'all, in the new house!

I spent the summer getting the house in a good place where I felt content with the style, Paul was happy with the budget, and the girls got comfortable with their designated play spaces. The last thing I want to do this Fall is change anything up (which is kind of unusual for me). I have absolutely no desire to go to HomeGoods or Target to buy anything new for the house. My creativity cup for the house is empty and I just have to wait for it to fill back up (hopefully by Christmas time!).

I am however, finding the smallest changes and pieces made a big impact this year….ie: apple printed diapers! An orange throw from a storage bin, a pumpkin here and there, black lanterns, and and some $3 target coffee cups have done the trick. We’ve also been apple picking, made backyard bonfires, the girls painted pumpkins with my mom, and even collected leaves with my grandmother. So there is no shortage of Fall lovin’ over here.

Do y’all decorate for Halloween? Thanksgiving? I typically lump October/November into simple Fall decor and then we buy a Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!

Christmas 2017

6 days, y'all! 6 days left until Christmas morning! I'm so excited. I would be so upset with myself if I didn't squeeze in a Christmas Blog post for memories. It's James Kate's first Christmas and those two little love bugs pictured below are the most wonderful gift of all this year. We are down South in GA right now celebrating with my family over multiple meals, multiple church services, and 1 trip to see Rudolph at Stone Mountain! We fly back next week and head straight to Paul's parent's house to celebrate with his family. I'm so thankful we extend the holidays with loved ones all the way through the new year. 

I decorated with restraint this year (believe it or not!) and actually didn't even open two boxes of Christmas decorations in the attic. Just left them up there...they'll feel like new ones next year! I refreshed the decorating with a few rolls of blush ribbon from Michaels and a handful of ornaments from Target. With little ones, I'm using less fragile ones on our tree, and leaving the keepsakes in storage until they are a little older.

Roswelle has been loving the idea of gift giving this year. I had a few holiday boxes that I brought down and she has had so much fun putting presents (toys and trinkets) in them for us to open every day, all day. She also loves playing with the manger scene, rearranging it often. And finally is really excited for RUDOLPH to come to her house on Christmas Eve.

James Kate is loving eating food and drinking milk. being held. sleeping though the night on a regular basis (finally!!). she'll be the first one up this year on Christmas morning, starting the day off around 5:30am most likely. I plan to have some snuggles with her in front of the tree with a cup of coffee before the excitement starts.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more in the new year, because it really is something that I love. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Engagement Photography: Kathleen & Tyler

I took engagement pictures for my friends, Kathleen and Tyler, back in November while I was at home in GA. They live right in the heart of Atlanta, only a short walk from Piedmont park. It was a beautiful sunny evening, which allowed for some very soft, sun-filled pictures. It seems fitting to finally blog these - the week of their wedding. CONGRATS Tyler and Kathleen! 

Packing for the Hospital

With just a few weeks left to go, I'm in full prep mode, which includes packing the Hospital bag! 3 years ago, I was not prepared for Roswelle's arrival in Maine at 37 weeks, my brother-in-law had to go to our house and pick-up what little I had packed and bring it up to us. So this time around, baby's and my items are ready at 35weeks! I even have a list on the fridge for Paul with those last minute items included - chargers, tooth brush, etc.

I'd love to hear from you as well - what did you pack that you couldn't live without, and maybe what did you forget to pack?

For Myself

The first few days with Roswelle all I did was nurse or have her on my chest, so I focused on button down options for myself, allowing for style, comfort, and easy access. I'm not much a robe person, I decided instead to pack 2 versions of button-down pajamas, 1 short set and 1 long shirt. I'm also packing a very comfortable "going home" outfit. I've detailed the main items in the bag below, omitting the obvious items - tooth brush, important forms, and the not so photogenic undergarments. 

  • Button down pajamas - both a short set from top shop (on sale!) and a soft sleepshirt (in case shorts/pants are annoying). In those first few days I hope to have her on my chest a lot and also will be nursing frequently - so the buttons will aide in easy access and easy coverage when visitors arrive. 
  • 1 going home outfit - I plan to wear my favorite, stretchiest, maternity leggings and a long chambray button up shirt with flats. Simple and comfortable.
  • nursing bra/tank
  • Hair Brush/style spray/curling iron. I know myself and I feel best when I feel somewhat put together. Laugh all you want (I'll be sure to insta-story whether or not I used my curling iron - promise - I'll admit it if it's a waste), but I think it will do wonders for my energy, post-partum recovery, and attitude. I plan to take a shower, freshen up my hair, and even put on some bronzer on day 2.
  • Speaking of bronzer - Make-up bag and toiletries. You can read a detail of my make-up here, I still wear the same thing everyday. I'll be wearing a minimal amount of makeup, but some mascara and color on my cheeks is almost as good as a cup of coffee for my energy.
  • Not pictured: Camera/Laptop/iPhone/Chargers

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For Baby

I know this list for a newborn may be over the top, but I'm a planner, a photographer, and a little crazy excited, so I love the idea of having a few special items for her.  I 100% intend to take pictures, assuming all is well and calm in the room. However, for the most part, I expect she will be naked on mine or Paul's chest.

I'm planning to bring all of my own baby blankets, onesies, socks, hats etc for her that I have pre-washed in a chemical-free, plant-based detergent. Additionally, I'll be bringing water wipes and honest newborn diapers. I don't plan to give her a bath for a while so no need for any baby toiletries.

All the items are detailed, with links, below!

  • Her going home Layette. When Roswelle was born we had a beautiful "going home" dress for her but realized it made getting her into the carseat a little tricky. This time around I will have the baby in a footed onsie with a sweet sweater, bonnet and blanket. It will mostly likely be June, but that does NOT mean it will be warm here in Boston.
  • Blankets - my own eyelet white&pink baby blankets made my grandmother, Mammie, and some simple white swaddling blankets.
  • 2 extra outfits, if we decide to dress.
  • Her monogrammed eyelet bonnet and bow blanket. My mom ordered these for her and I couldn't be more excited to photographer her in them.
  • Knitted sweater and hat from her grandmother, Gigi.
  • Plain white onesies and socks.

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